The Cosens MMA Team Is Back!

The Cosens team is back on track as expected! James Allen won Brett Sbardella’s Spider Submissions Fight League Welter Weight Title on December 8th, 2012, at the Spinning Wheels Arena. James won his fight in his fashion by grinding his opponent into deep water where he feels the most comfortable. It was great to see James come as far as he has. He is an absolute work horse. If you put in the time there are rewards at the end and James is a perfect example of this.

Wesley Dinan won the heavy weight belt of the night with a KO in the first round. This is the first time Wes has had to show his ground skills. He is starting to become extremely comfortable while fighting. Youssef Elghoul made his MMA debut last night. I like to think of Youssef of more as a wrestler but apparently he likes to stand and bang. Youssef won a three round war by unanimous decision.

Nathan Awad lost a three round fight but this guy is getting better and better every fight. These men met our gym requirements to fight for our team. For lack of a better way to say it- these guys went through hell the past 8 weeks. As a coach I took our losses at the previous event very personally and even questioned myself as an instructor. I have made adjustments to our routines and with the requirements we have set for our competitors I am confident this is just the beginning of many wins to come. Not everyone can do what these guys do. They dont just walk into our facility and decide they want to compete with us. They put in hours and hours of training and it shows. I feel very fortunate to have these men fighters. -Charlie Cosens

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