Starkey Continues Success in the Cage: 5-0

Crystal Starkey competed in the Halloween Beatdown 2 event on October 28, 2011 at Saginaw Valley State University. Crystal’s opponent was Chandra Engel who trains with American Muscle in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Engel was nationally ranked at number 6 going into the fight according to NONSTOP WMMA. Read the article titled Crystal Starkey Defeats Chandra Engel by NONSTOP WMMA.

In the first round Engel pinned Starkey up against the cage.  It was clear that Engel’s game plan was to wear down Starkey with her wrestling and dirty boxing skills.  The duration of the first round was spent with Starkey pinned up against the cage and Engel kneeing and punching Starkey’s legs.

In the second round Starkey looked much more determined.  She seemed a little angry that Engel had controlled the entire first round. Starkey came out swinging and took Engel to the ground.  At around 1:30 into the first round Starkey submitted Engel by rear naked choke retaining her Blackout Women’s 125lb belt.

With this win, NONSTOP WMMA has moved Starkey up to number 3 in the nation at 125lbs.  This is an incredible accomplishment!

Congrats, Crystal.

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