Check out our upcoming events for September!

Attention all parents! On Friday, September 7th, we are hosting a Parents Night Out Nerf Wars event from 6:30PM – 10PM.
Drop your child off to us at 6:30 and enjoy a night out to yourself! We will entertain your child with a night of Nerf Wars, snacks, and FUN! $20 per child.
Sign your child up here!–ghXcg

Our upcoming Bully Proofing seminar will help you and your child learn strategies for dealing with bullies. Bullying is a serious issue in our schools today and it’s something most children will encounter at some point. It’s important that our children are given the skills at a young age to properly deal with any situation that may come up. This is a completely free event for current students of Cosens MMA only. Register for this workshop here:–ghXcP

Join us for our FREE Karate For Concentration seminar on September 22nd at 10:00AM.
Your child will get a free uniform and the opportunity to break a real board! Learn how
important life skills such as focus, discipline, and control are instilled through the
martial arts! Sign up here:–ghXMJ

Please join us for our free Women’s Self Defense Workshop on September 22nd at 11:15AM. Learn important self defense strategies to better protect yourself!
Register Here:–ghXcw

Current students, register for our upcoming belt test on September 29th! Visit to register today!