Check out our upcoming events for March!


March Limited Time Special! 2 Private Lessons and a Uniform. Only $19.95. (Normally $29.95) Purchase by March 15th to take advantage of this deal! Purchase here: https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?PR–Pbbwi

Our students will enjoy “minecraft” inspired artwork and games along with a martial arts class, pizza party, and movie while you enjoy a night to yourself! Cost is $20 per student. Sign up here! https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PJPPX Space is limited!

NOTE: THIS IS AT OUR MIDLAND LOCATION. Coach Charlie Cosens will be holding a MMA workshop March 23rd at our Midland location at 10:00AM. Coach Cosens has fought and trained world wide including Thailand and Brazil. He is a King of the Cage and Fox Sports paid per view veteran. He successfully held and defended two titles during his career with an impressive 22-8 fighting record. Space is very limited! Register now by visiting this link: https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbJXX

Your child and their friends will enjoy an action packed martial arts class where they get to break a real wooden board with their favorite martial arts moves! Each student must bring a “non member” buddy to attend. Cost is FREE! RSVP here! https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?FE–PJPPg

Check out our upcoming events for April!

Join us on April 6th at Cosens Martial Arts in Bay City at 10:00AM for our Karate Beginner Workshop! Your child will receive a free karate uniform. Learn how we use important life skills such as concentration, focus, and a winning attitude, in our martial arts. Sign up today! Only $10 per student. Register here: http://member-site.net/?EV–PbcJX

Join us for our free Women’s Self Defense Workshop on April 6th at 11:00 AM. Learn important self-defense strategies to better protect yourself! Sign up here – https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?FE–Pbbbh

Join us for our Free Teens Martial Arts Seminar April 6th at 12:00PM. Teens ages 13-18 are invited to participate in this fun and educational free martial arts seminar. RSVP online at https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbcJg or at our front desk today!

Sign up for testing at http://cosensmmacoach.com

There is a link to sign up for the SkyZone After Party on the testing payment page.

Join Us April 13th starting at 6:00PM for our testing afterparty at SkyZone! Only $17 per student. If you or your child would like to attend please register here: http://member-site.net/?PR–PJwXM
SkyZone always requests that you fill out a waiver prior to arriving to the event. You can fill that out here: https://saginawstore.skyzone.com/waiver/?_ga=2.7679474.1732268483.1551778824-1077254374.1551169368

Buddy Week From April 15th-18th.Buddies train free during buddy week and all current students may bring buddies to the class. Sign up here! https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbbXc

Buddy Week From April 15th-18th. Buddies train free during buddy week. Sign up here! https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbbXc

Students who are in basic training may try out for Black Belt Training! Register online here http://member-site.net/?FE–PbbhX or at our front desk.

Parents Night Out: Nerf Wars! April 27th from 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Drop your child off to us at 6:30 PM on April 27th for a night of Nerf games and fun while you enjoy the night to yourself! Only $25 per student. Register here: https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbcJb

Check out our upcoming events for May!

Parents Night Out Fear Factor! Friday, May 10th From 6:30PM – 10:00PM. Your child will enjoy “Fear Factor” inspired games, movies, and a pizza party while you enjoy a night to yourself. $20 per student. Space is limited! Enroll online at https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbchP or at our front desk. 

Bring Mom To Class Day Saturday, May 11th at 10:00 AM. Mothers are encouraged to attend this exciting martial arts class with their child. Families that kick together, stick together! Free to all mothers! Sign up here:https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?FE–Pbchh

Leadership Team Tryouts, Saturday, May 11th at 11:00AM. All students are eligible to try out for our leadership team. This select group of students will be involved in our extensive leadership specialty program. Register here! https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?FE–Pbchg or at our front desk!

Check out our events for June!

Homemade Hero Parents Night Out! Friday, June 14th from 6:30PM – 10:00PM. Have your child create their own super hero outfit to attend this one of a kind Homemade Hero Parents Night Out! Our students will enjoy superhero inspired games, a martial arts class, and a pizza party while you take a night to enjoy yourself. $20 per student. Sign up today! Space is limited. Enroll at the front desk or online at https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbcPX

Bring Your Dad To Class Day! Saturday, June 15th from 9:00AM – 10:00AM. Fathers of our students are encouraged to attend this fun and exciting martial arts class with their child! Sign up online at https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?FE–PbcPP

Cosens Martial Arts Open House, June 15th Starting at 10:00AM. In this free community event, we will be showcasing 3 different workshops to give you an idea of how we teach and how things work at Cosens Martial Arts!

10:00AM Karate For Concentration Workshop
11:15AM Mixed Martial Arts Workshop
12:15PM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Workshop

Don’t miss out on this free event! Register online today at https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?FE–PbMMi

Saturday, June 29th Testing Starts at 9:00AM at Cosens Martial Arts. Register online here https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PbMhJ. See the flyer at the front desk for specific testing times.