Cosens MMA Team Prepares for Big Weekend

We have an action packed weekend ahead of us.  As many of you know, our

Cosens MMA Fighters Ready to Roll!
Cosens MMA Competitors Ready to Roll!

fighter, Dustin Hannah, is competing for the UCF 125lb Championship in Kalamazoo this weekend on Saturday (June 18).  Following the event on Saturday we have 7 of our members scheduled to compete at the Elite Federation of Grapplers Jiu Jitsu tournament in Roseville, Michigan on Sunday (June 19).  Larry Beek, Adam Lewis, and Boone Revette will be competing from our adult program and from our kids program we have Jayden Burnett, Matt Rodriguez, and Cam Rodriguez.  This jiu jitsu event will give our members a chance to test the skills they’ve been learning in class.  Some of the best talent in the state will be at this event and it will also be a great learning experience.  Win or lose, these competitors will be better martial artists!

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