Cosens MMA Fighters Successful at Beatdown Event

On May 22, 2011 nine Cosens MMA Fighters stepped into the cage at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan.  The show was put on by Donofrio Entertainment and TXC (Triple X Cage Fighting). This was one of the highest quality shows our fighters have ever had the pleasure of attending.  The arena holds about 5,000 fans and around 1,500 were in attendance.  As the fighters walked to the cage, 2 huge blazes of fire ignited letting the fans know the fighters were on the way to the cage.

Beatdown Event Photo
Beatdown Event Photo


Matt Weigandt of Cosens MMA (5-0), took on experienced fighter Jacob Ott and won via TKO at 2:52 of round one.  Matt through his hands and showcased his wrestling skills moving to 6-0.

Pat Zippler of Cosens MMA(5-2) took care of business tapping out his opponent, Lorenzo Colvin, at 1:02 of the first round.  Pat continues to be one of our most dedicated students and his record shows it as he moved to 6-2.

Wes Dinan of Cosens MMA (4-3) dominated his opponent Levi Humm winning by referee stoppage at 2:59 of the first round.  Wes moves to 5-3.

James Basher of Cosens MMA(4-0) experienced his first loss to Joe Rogers due to tap out in the second round.

Jesse Bashor of Cosens MMA(1-1)  fought a tough fight but lost a 1:28 of the first round due to tap out.

Dakota Keblbeck of Cosens MMA (2-0) also experienced his first defeat to Justin Brandel via tapout in the second round.

Jon Goss of Cosens MMA(0-0) won his first official fight vs Ross Toth via tapout in the first round.  Jon has been training with Cosens MMA for quite some time now.  His skills are evident when he’s in the cage.

Nathan Awad of Cosens MMA(2-1) of Cosens MMA is no stranger to long fights.  He is an exciting fighter.  His fight against Chuck Williams went to a decision.  Nathan was victorious over Chuck Williams via judges decision.  Nathan moves to 3-1.

Josh Totten of Cosens MMA (3-0) had no trouble defeating Matt Grey via tap out late in the second round.  Matt Grey put on a great performance, but Josh was able to get the tap out.

We would like to thank Donofrio Entertainment and TXC for putting on a quality show.  The fans were excited, the fighters felt like they were on the main stage, and it was just a great overall experience.

The most successful fighters are those who train on regular basis.  Experience will prevail in the cage.  We’re always accepting new students at Cosens MMA.

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