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Cosens Kickboxing (Ages 18+)

Cosens Kickboxing Class at Cosens MMA 

Do you find yourself unmotivated toward your workout routine? Are your struggling or frustrated while trying to find a consistent workout regiment that fits you well? Have you ever felt concerned for you or your family’s safety while in public? Well look no further… Cosens MMA has an awesome action packed class that will be easy for you to stick with because, most importantly, you will be having fun while getting in shape and leaning self-defense.


Cosens Kickboxing is a Hybrid class that combines Muay Thai (Kick Boxing), practical self-defense, and a fat burning, kick butt, action packed fitness class. During your hour long session you will constantly be learning new fitness and self-defense techniques. You won’t even realize you’re working out!! The key to finding your way to a healthy life style is finding an activity that you actually enjoy doing. This activity must make you feel successful and you should be able to see yourself progress.

The reason so many of us start off motivated toward a new workout and gradually lose focus over time is because we have to “push” ourselves to that treadmill or that weight rack. We all need something that truly “pulls” us to do an activity. When you progress at anything in life, especially a fitness routine, it gives you happiness and encourages you to stick with it. Without this “pull” we all eventually fall off the “motivation wagon”.

Ranking systems have been used in military’s, martial arts, governments, workplaces, and schools to give structure and to give people goals to work toward. Cosens Kickboxing has a ranking system of its own. During the class we are always working toward our next testing day. During testing days you will be tested on your fitness level and the self-defense techniques you have been taught over the past 6 to 8 weeks. There is no better feeling than passing a test and knowing that you have improved yourself physically and now have the ability to protect you and your family if the need arises.

During the classes we will be covering choke defenses, striking defenses, groin strikes, basic punches and kicks, elbow strikes along with other practical self-defense maneuvers. The fitness portion of the class will include, group fitness training sessions, circuit stations, functional strength training, along with many other routines. Boredom of doing the same routine over and over will not be a concern for this class as we are constantly changing up the routine and sharing new information for our students to learn.

What are you waiting for?!? Try a class today! Fill out your information on the right hand side of the screen for rates and schedule. We will be happy to set a time with you for your free consultation. During your first meeting we will give you a free tour and private lesson so you can see firsthand how the class is structured and what to look forward to. After your lesson we will sit down and discuss your goals so we can work together to construct a plan to help you achieve those goals. At very least you will get to meet some friendly people at our facility and receive a complimentary private lesson. Space is limited! Enroll today!!

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