Bay City Women’s Kickboxing

bay city womens kickboxingIf you live near Bay City, MI, and are interested in taking women’s kickboxing classes you should check out the women’s MMA program offered here at Cosens MMA. In the Women’s MMA program you will learn self defense, kickboxing and you will use weight! This program is perfect for you.  What our current members love most about the class is that it’s a women only class.  You do not have to worry about guys gawking at you while you’re getting your work out in.  We wanted to create a class that was more fun than the Zumba and group aerobic kickboxing classes.  We wanted to create something that would teach you real martial arts, get you to shred that unwanted weight, and learn how to actually defend yourself if you ever needed to.

This class is for women of all ages and sizes.  Everyone has to start someone. Our members encourage everyone to work toward the same goals at a pace you’re comfortable with!

Here’s what you will learn in the women’s MMA program at Cosens MMA:

1. Kickboxing: Learn how to throw strikes. Learn how to defend against strikes.

2. Self Defense:  Learn where attackers are most vulnerable.  Turn yourself into someone that no one wants to mess with.  We’ll teach you the quick strikes and pressure points that most attackers would never expect an innocent victim to know! You will never have to fear being by yourself again.  You will gain a silent confidence that no one will ever be able to take away from you. Wouldn’t it be an amazing feeling to never be afraid to be alone?  Let us give you those skills!

3. Weight Loss:  This is the main reason women join our gym.  You can lose weight without going to a gym full of guys.  At the end of each class we have a cardiovascular training session.  We will get your heart pumping and help you lose those unwanted pounds.  We typically focus on circuit training.  We set up 5 to 8 one-minute stations that you will complete.  We will motivate you, your classmates will motivate you, you will be part of something great!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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