Bay City Boxing Classes

If you are searching for Bay City Boxing classes, or MMA classes, you should check out the program offered here at Cosens MMA.  In our mixed martial arts program we go over boxing for mixed martial arts.  This form of boxing is much more useful if you are ever in a real-life situation in which you need to defend yourself.  We will teach you the proper footwork to find holes in your opponent’s game.  We will teach you have to throw a proper punch. We will teach you how to avoid strikes.  Boxing, in its traditional form, is a completely different version from how it is used in MMA.  We want our members to be able to use what we teach them if they should ever need to defend themselves in a real-life situation.




We have a team of mixed martial artists and we travel to competitions together.  If you’re looking to compete in boxing or MMA, we will book your fights for you when we feel that you’re ready to compete.  You will learn a lot from your fellow classmates.  There is only one way to get better at boxing or mma, and that’s to train and spar.  We will work you up slowly and build you into the best fighter you can be.

Many people participate in our Bay City Boxing Classes that do not wish to compete.  It’s great for losing weight or just wanting to learn moves to defend yourself.  You do not have to compete to train with us!  It’s truly a gratifying feeling being part of a team whether you want to compete or not.  You will better yourself and meet a variety of people!

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