Charlie Cosens

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), popularly known as cage fighting or ultimate fighting, is a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills, from a mixture of other combat sports, to be used in competition. The rules allow the use of both striking as well as grappling techniques, both while standing and while on the ground. Such competitions allow fighters of different backgrounds to compete.

If you are interested in MMA, you’ve found the right place! On a daily basis we’re working with and training students just like you that want to get in shape, learn MMA, self-defense, and even those that want to compete.

Our Mixed Martial Arts lessons will dramatically improve your cardiovascular health. Your resting heart rate will decrease and your ability to maintain an increasedheart rate will increase. You will breathe better, sleep better, and even feel an increase in energy and effectiveness all day long. You may even discover you are more resistant to colds and the flu. Even when you do become sick, your recovery time will be significantly faster.

Why You Should Join The Cosens MMA Fight Team

  1. If you are looking to compete in MMA, we have connections with the biggest promoters in the state such as Impact Fight Leage (Donofrio Entertainment) TXC, Spyder Submissions Fight League (SSFL) and many more.
  2. We will get you ready and book your fights for you!  We take our team to shows and compete.
  3. We will always be by your side.  We have several competing fighters in our gym.  You can gain a lot of knowledge just by training with experienced mixed martial artists. We will make sure that your opponent has a similar level of experience.

Just looking to get in shape? You don’t have to compete to train with us!  Check out our non-competition MMA page here! 

UFC Veteran, Dan Severn, Visits Cosens MMA For a Seminar

Check out some of our students MMA Fight Videos.