Cosens MMA was opened in January of 2009 by Charlie Cosens in Bay City, MI. During the first 2 years of operation, Cosens MMA focused on developing mixed martial arts competitors.  The owner of Cosens MMA, Charlie Cosens, has trained and competed all over the world.  We are a martial arts facility, not a fight club. One of our main goals is to teach our students mental toughness. Learning to walk away and being the bigger person takes more strength than the average individual has.  We want to give you the skills and confidence to protect yourself.

Students come to Cosens MMA for many reasons.  Competition, weight loss, friendship, and simply a break from reality are some of the main reasons our students come to us.

In 2011, we launched our Little Ninjas and Children’s Mixed Martial Arts programs. Parents bring their children to our facility to help the children learn discipline, teamwork, concentration, focus, and more.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to train you and your family.