Life Is a Fight Kickboxing

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ADHD Help For Children Bay City MI

Anti Bullying Bay City, MI

In the video below you will learn how martial arts gives children the confidence to deal with a bully. Bullying has never been more prevalent and it’s hurting thousands of defenseless children everyday. At Cosens Martial Arts we believe every child should be given the tools to deal with a bully. We teach our students how to defend against a bully both mentally and physically. We do not promote violence in any way. However, if one of our students is put in a physical situation he or she will know what to do.

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Wes Dinan to Defend Aggressive Fight League Heavyweight Title

On June 22, 2013, in Traverse City, Michigan, Wes Dinan will defend his Aggressive Fight League Heavyweight Title.  This will be Dinan’s first title defense for Aggressive Fight League.  Both Dinan and Jackson are both experienced fighters that love to stand and exchange. Tickets can be purchased at the front desk of Cosens MMA.


The Cosens MMA Team Is Back!

The Cosens team is back on track as expected! James Allen won Brett Sbardella’s Spider Submissions Fight League Welter Weight Title on December 8th, 2012, at the Spinning Wheels Arena. James won his fight in his fashion by grinding his opponent into deep water where he feels the most comfortable. It was great to see James come as far as he has. He is an absolute work horse. If you put in the time there are rewards at the end and James is a perfect example of this.

Wesley Dinan won the heavy weight belt of the night with a KO in the first round. This is the first time Wes has had to show his ground skills. He is starting to become extremely comfortable while fighting. Youssef Elghoul made his MMA debut last night. I like to think of Youssef of more as a wrestler but apparently he likes to stand and bang. Youssef won a three round war by unanimous decision.

Nathan Awad lost a three round fight but this guy is getting better and better every fight. These men met our gym requirements to fight for our team. For lack of a better way to say it- these guys went through hell the past 8 weeks. As a coach I took our losses at the previous event very personally and even questioned myself as an instructor. I have made adjustments to our routines and with the requirements we have set for our competitors I am confident this is just the beginning of many wins to come. Not everyone can do what these guys do. They dont just walk into our facility and decide they want to compete with us. They put in hours and hours of training and it shows. I feel very fortunate to have these men fighters. -Charlie Cosens

Bay City Martial Arts

Are you searching for a martial arts gym in Bay City, Michigan?  Please consider us at Cosens MMA.  We have a wide variety of classes for children, bay-city-martial-artsteens, and adults.  Our classes include mixed martial arts, jiu jitsu, and muay thai for the adults.  Our children’s programs consist of Little Ninjas and Children’s Martial Arts.  When considering a martial arts dojo you need to consider a few things before enrolling.

Does the dojo have a curriculum?

We have a detailed curriculum for each of of classes.  We will explain every step you need to take to move forward in our programs.  You will not just be coming to the gym and rolling around with no direction like a lot of gyms.  We want to watch you grow into an experienced martial artist.

Do the dojo have a belting system?

We have an extremely detailed belting system.  We have several elements that you must master before moving up to the next level of our belting system.  We teach you what you need to know, and test you when you are ready to step up to the next level.

Does the dojo have a regular schedule?

All of our classes have a set time each week.  You will know exactly what time you need to be at the gym and it will rarely change.

Does the dojo have qualified trainers?

The lead instructor at Cosens MMA is Charlie Cosens.  Charlie has competed and trained in Thailand in mixed martial arts and muay thai.  To view more about Charlie, please visit his page here.

If you would like more information about the programs at Cosens MMA, please head over to our home page.  If you would like information on scheduling or rates please fill out the form to the right of this page and we will contact you very soon.

We hope to speak with you soon as you begin your journey in the martial arts with us at Cosens MMA.


Bay City Personal Training

Are you searching for an excellent personal trainer? If you live in Bay City, MI, you have found a solution in Cosens MMA.  We offer 1-on-1 personal bay-city-personal-trainingtraining to help you lose weight, help you eat right, and keep you motivated.  One of the biggest issues we see with people and weight problems is that they struggle with maintaining a workout schedule and diet plan.  We will work with you carefully to develop a plan that works for you.  We will figure out a weight loss goal and work with you every step of the way until you get your body to where it needs to be.  There are several different levels of personal training.  We will never ask you to do more than your body can handle.  If you’re already in good shape and want to take your body to the next level, we know how hard to push you.  If you haven’t worked out in years, we know how to train you as well. We will take everything one step at a time.  You will be amazed what your body is capable of.

If you’re interested in learning more about our person training please head over to our private lessons page here or fill out the form to the right of this page and we will be in contact with you shortly.  The journey to success can begin whenever you decide you want it to.  No one can force you to lose weight.  However, if you can muster up the strength to get into our gym, we will tell you everything you need to do.  We tell our clients the hardest part of your job is just stepping foot in our gym!

We hope to speak with you shortly.



Bay City Tae Kwon Do | Karate Classes

Are you searching for Tae Kwon Do classes in Bay City, MI?  Welcome to Cosens MMA.  We offer a combination of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and many otherbay-city-karate-tae-kwon-do martial arts in our Little Ninjas and Children’s Martial Arts program.  If you’re looking to enroll your child in a martial arts studio, you should consider several things.

How may times per week will my child have to attend?

At Cosens MMA, our Little Ninjas and Children’s Martial Artists meet two times per week.  The Little Ninjas have two 1/2 half hour sessions and our Children’s Martial Artists meet for 2 45 minute sessions.  Our Little Ninjas program is for children ages 3-7 and our Children’s Martial Arts program is for children ages 8-12.

What will my child be learning?

Your child will be learning a combination of several martial arts including Tae Kwon Do and Karate.  We feel it’s more important to have a mixture of the most useful elements of many martial arts rather than just focusing on one.  We will help your children develop both mentally and physically by teaching them several life skills including: discipline, coordination, balance, and teamwork just to name a few.

If you would like more information on getting your child enrolled at Cosens MMA please fill out the form to the right of this page or give us a call anytime.  If you would like to set up a free tour and introduction to our program please give us a call.  Many parents like to watch one of the classes first to get an idea of what they would be enrolling their child in.

View our Little Ninjas page here!

View our Children’s Martial Arts page here!

We hope to speak with you soon!


Women’s Weight Loss in Bay City

If you are a woman in Bay City, MI and looking for a great place to lose weight you have found it at Cosens MMA!  We are one of the few places in Bay City that womens-weight-loss-bay-cityoffers weight loss classes just for women.  If you are sick of going to regular gyms and worrying about people staring at you or feeling uncomfortable, we have the solution for you.  We took a poll and asked several women what they hated most about going to the gym.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t the work out that was typically the main issue.  The issue was that most of them were self-consious and concerned about what others would think of them going to a regular gym.  It’s difficult if you’ve never gone to a gym before.  There are machines everywhere and it seems like everyone already knows what they’re doing.  It can be a very lonely feeling.

At Cosens MMA, we have a weight loss class for women that’s called Women’s Kickboxing and Self Defense.  This is an all women class that will help you lose weight and make you more comfortable while you’re working out.  You will be surrounded by other women who want to lose weight as well!  You will lose weight, learn self-defense, and even learn some kickboxing.  The goal of the class is to make you more confident while helping you lose weight and learn self defense.  If you would like to know more about this class please feel free to fill out the form to the right of this article or visit our women’s kickboxing and self-defense page.

We hope to see you soon!