Private Lessons

Cosens MMA Private Lessons (Available by Appointment Only)

Private lessons are available for people of all ages. If you can’t make it to our group classes or if you prefer one on one training then private lessons will fit you well. They are taught by one of our lead instructors and typically last 45 to 60 minutes.

Students learn faster in a private setting rather than a group setting.  Many students at Cosens MMA find it beneficial to add private training sessions to their regular training schedule.

For those who would like to progress more quickly, or for those who are busy, private instruction can be very helpful.  Since private lessons are scheduled according to your schedule (and the availability of the instructor), they are convenient for those who find it diffult to attend regular class hours.   For those that travel or know they will be missing class for a period of time, private lessons are a great way to make up for what is missed or what will be missed in class.  Private lessons are by appointment only

Current private lesson rates:

Coach Charlie Cosens
Call For Rates

All private lessons must be paid prior to the scheduled lesson.

Students that wish to cancel a private lesson must give the instructor at least 24 hours notice. If a private lesson is canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson, or if the student fails to attend, the cost of the lesson will be forfeited.